From saturday 30th of March to sunday 5th of April i went on the international module to Antwerpen in Belgium. The trip was made in collaboration with KdG – Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerpen. We where 20 students and two teachers traveling all the way to Belgium.

I went by plane with two other students. The rest went by bus (Flixbus) and then we met up at the grand train station in Antwerpen. We lived together in rooms two persons for the whole week and walked to school, about 3 kilometers each way. We found out that it was possible to go by tram, which made the travel to school in the morning a more comfortable tour.

International module - Antwerpen Belgium 1
Tram in Antwerpen

The purpose with this international module. Was to make the students able / capable of working on an international project, with students or employees from other countries speaking the same language with other skills.

The project – Launch a new beer brand

Together with students fra KdG in Antwerpen, we had to launch a new beer brand. During this project we had to figure out:

  • How to enter a saturated market
  • How we could stand out and make a different beer
  • Define our target audience
  • Come up with a new beer brand
  • Make a promotional website
  • Create a social media campaign

In the end we should hand in a brand guide for the beer company, the presentation about the beer brand and a link to the website developed during the two days we had. Below you can download the project description.

The BÆR beers

International module - Antwerpen Belgium 2

We came up with three different tastes

  • Lime
  • Cherry
  • Liquorice

The idea was to make fruit beers where the brand name would be a part of it. As we where working with an exchange student from the Netherlands studying in Belgium. The goal was to combine Dutch, Belgium and Danish into one name. In danish we pronounce beer as øl. In belgium and dutch it’s beer. So we got the idea that making fruit beers with berries, could make it possible to incoporate some danish into the name. In danish berry is the same as bær. Bær is pretty close to beer, which is the reason for the name.

The social media campaign

International module - Antwerpen Belgium 3
The social media campaign for project BÆR

We made up a fake Instagram profile with the same pictures from our presentation and promotional website. The bottles from our design where used to promote the brand and the beers.

In the end of the week we had to do a presentation of the project. This was quite a success as we won the competition in making the best beer brand and promotional stuff for the company. We where rated best of all groups and won a niche souvenir from the local brewery De Koninck. Below is a gallery from our visit at the brewery:

It was a great trip where we met students from another country. This resulted in new relations i can connect and share ideas and thoughts with. Belgium is a bit like Denmark, we got much of the same technology when i comes to computers and infrastructure.

Antwerpen is known for being the center of diamonds, but i was quite disappointed that is was such a small part of the city that, was actually selling diamonds. In the end i got some new relations made a nice project and saw a new city and got some friends i can talk to about graphic projects in the future.

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