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Mad til konfirmationen, brylluppet, fødselsdagen, receptionen og alle andre fester. Nemt og lækkert – lige til at sætte på bordet, anrettet og pyntet på fade og skåle.

Weekly updates on project

Project timeline

Week 6 2019

Week 6 – Startup week for specialization

The forst week has primarily been focused on the startup for specialization this semester. We have made documentation about personal learning objectives, plans and goals for the project.

Week 6 2019
Week 7 2019

Week 7 – Take off

This week will be all about reading documentation and watching online courses about PHP, Laravel and React. This will give me a solid understanding of how to design and implement a Laravel application.

Week 7 2019
Week 8 2019

Week 8 – Advanced PHP

This week was all about advanced PHP programming and integration of SQL queries in the PHP language. I accomplished my goal for turning any static content into dynamic content with advanced SQL querying.

Week 8 2019
Week 9 2019

Week 9 – SQL Week

My SQL skills needs a refresher – the last week was about integrating PHP with Databases i and came across different things that i couldn’t remember that much. Due to this i will be writing a lot of SQL queries and a little PHP this week.

Week 9 2019
Week 10 2019

Week 10 – POS Platform design

This week is all about getting the project up and running. The team will be design the wireframes for the application as well as start the development of the core platform application that should expose an API for the different platforms.

Week 10 2019

Learning objectives


  • Setting up a development environment for PHP applications.
  • How to correctly design a web application using Laravel and React.
  • Design Patterns used in PHP development.


Apply the programming language to develop algorithms and design patterns.

  • Make use of PHPUnit testing in a Laravel application.
  • Use React in combination with Laravel applications.
  • Make use of SOLID guidelines in a Laravel application


  • Acquire new skills in web development. Including PHP, Laravel and React as well as understanding and using them with proper development tools, techniques and design techniques.
  • Reflect on the choice of hosting for the web application in connection with the choice of programming language and application type and purpose for the application.

Learning plan