This week has been all about startup for the semester and the project where we will be specializing in new techniques. All of this has been accomplished by making personal learning objectives, plans and goals.

Below is a list of documentation from completed tasks during the week.

Learning objectives


  • Setting up a development environment for PHP applications.
  • How to correctly design a web application using Laravel and React.
  • Design Patterns used in PHP development.


  • Apply the programming language to develop algorithms and design patterns.
  • Make use of PHPUnit testing in a Laravel application.
  • Use React in combination with Laravel applications.
  • Make use of SOLID guidelines in a Laravel application.


  • Acquire new skills in web development. Including PHP, Laravel and React as well as understanding and using them with proper development tools, techniques and design techniques.
  • Reflect on the choice of hosting for the web application in connection with the choice of programming language and application type and purpose for the application.

Learning plan

What do I want to know about the next 14 days?

  • How to design a web application with PHP, Laravel and MySQL.
  • How to use the programming language PHP in combination with the Laravel framework and MySQL for storing data.
  • How to use React in collaboration with Laravel for Front-end development.

What learning activities do I plan to achieve this learning?

  • Watch online videos organized and developed by professional in this industry.
  • Read the documentation for the PHP and React programming language and begin the basic understanding of Laravel framework.
  • Develop small projects where i can test the theory form the courses and the documentation in practice.

How can i see if i reach my goals?

  • By comparing my progression with my learning goals for this semester.
  • By setting myself some requirements for what I expect to be able to do before the end of the period.
  • Small projects.
  • Definitely finished / understanding of the given topic.
  • Understanding the syntax in PHP.
  • Design patterns in PHP.
  • Design of Web application with the Laravel framework.
  • The ability to see the use of the substance in the project for PO.

Next week will be focused on online video courses about PHP, Laravel and React.

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