Last week i faced some issues making it harder for me to accomplish what i wanted to do. It was primarily about SQL since i haven’t written that much but C#. This week i have decided to get more knowledge of SQL since it’s a thing that i can you in almost anything that i am going to work with.

My passion is about Web Development and i really enjoy creating solutions for people on the internet. This is also a reason for me to get more skills in regards of SQL. I have bought two SQL courses that will be teaching me in SQL Basics and Reporting with SQL. The reason i choose the Reporting course is that SQL can be used to generate reports and present information on websites. The course covers some of the most powerfull SQL features in helping me answer interesting questions about my data.

This week i need to learn..

  • Ordering, limiting and paging through a result set
  • Manipulating text
  • Working with numbers
  • Working with dates
The 5 days
Monday – Ordering, Limiting and Paging Results

Databases can store a lot of data. Retrieving all of that in one go isn’t performant or helpful to users and my goal here is to find out a way, that i can limit results and use the for pagination on websites.

Tuesday – Working with Text..

Yesterday was all about sorting, limits and handling results. Today i am going to manipulate text – why? It’s vital for displaying information in, let’s say a more human readable way. Today i will look at key ways that i can use to format and manipulate text using SQL.

Wednesday – Aggregate and Numeric Functions

Now i know how to work with text and manipulate strings from data. Another super handy thing is performing mathematic operations – this will cover everything from getting total number in group of rows or getting an average of orders made in the past week or month. This will be handy in our project where we are making a POS for the customer.

Thursday – Date and Time Functions

The past two days have been all about manipulating string and performing mathematical operations. Today i will be working with data results based on dates and times. This is crucial for reporting and presenting information that should be time sensitive. In our project we will be working with a logging system where a fully operational date and time system is critical. This way we can provide the owner with reports about how many money he makes or stuff like what the waiters have done in the system at what time.

Friday – Test it in real life

Today i have decided to write a simple application making use of the SQL techniques i learned this week. The application will be usefull in a library, where they need to see stuff about loans and users. The final i ended up with was a 100% working application for a library, that offered the following features:

  • Show all users
  • Show user using search
  • Show loans
  • Show all books
  • Show books based on category
  • Show late loans
  • Show loan report for specific date range

Next week the team have planned to start the development of the core platform for the POS where we have to expose an API for the solution. This way we can make sure everybody in the group can work with the project and their own specialization at the same time.

I have started developing the core for handling products, users and transactions. The solution is at the moment made into 4 projects

  • KorupSteakhouse.API
  • KorupSteakhouse.Data
  • KorupSteakhouse.Entities
  • KorupSteakhouse.WEB

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