About me.

Hello 👋 My Name Is Christian And I Am An Educated Software Developer And Cloud Engineer.

var object = {
    name: 'Christian Schou',
    age: 25,
    location: 'Odense, DK',
    languages:[ 'C#',
                'VBA' ],
    cloud:[ 'Azure',
            'AWS' ];

I Am currently expanding my skills with knowledge about Software Robots (UiPath and OpenRPA). Most of my skills are self-taught and I am still learning new stuff every day about software, cloud, and home automation.

I some of my spare time I am writing some of my knowledge into tutorials which I’m sharing on my blog. I got a plan about starting to make video tutorials too – but that’s only on the idea table for now.

My primary focus in regards to software is .NET Core (C#) and web development. I really enjoy .NET and the capabilities of the language.

A Guy That Loves Technology

My parents gave me my first computer when I was three years old and ever since have I been experiencing the technology world. At the age of 8, I could disassemble a desktop and put everything back in the right place, and make it run again. When I started coding I had no clue what I was doing and the “tutorials” on the internet were very bad..  I have decided to create content that should allow any level of coders to read along and follow my guides. I always think that there is room for new knowledge and I will never stop learning. I hope you share the same thought about new knowledge?

Words From Awesome People

Christian has a lot of technical knowledge and curiosity about many different technologies and knows how to translate this into business values.
Morten Storm
Christian has a great ability to create good relationships and be part of the team. He has managed to create very good results and has a being who has been very well-liked among colleagues and customers.
Kasper Jordan
Excellent service - and great result. I used Christian to further develop my website on a technical level and today I can be sure that the site is razor-sharp.
Mads Petersen
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