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Hello 👋 My name is Christian. I am a pragmatic Software & DevOps Engineer sharing my knowledge with awesome people on the internet, including you!

Hi 👋 My name is Christian Schou, a 27-year-old pragmatic Software & DevOps Engineer with a passion for .NET and cloud.

I have created this website to help other tech people like beginners, software engineers, DevOps engineers, architects, etc... break down complex stuff into smaller pieces through in-depth tutorials, guides, and posts.

Apart from writing guides and posts, and making video tutorials here at Tech with Christian, I also work on open-source projects and help out clients with their tech issues, varying from software development, and deployment pipelines to infrastructure.

I have around 5 years of professional experience from full-time employment and some large tech companies in Denmark, that have provided me with a lot of knowledge and options.

When not writing or making video content for the internet I spend time with my girlfriend Nicoline ❤️, family, and friends. I like to go riding trails on my MTB and tinker with Home Automation as well.

I am an educated software developer from Denmark. I started my software journey at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) but changed to University College Lillebaelt (UCL) later. At the moment I am taking courses in cloud services and Ansible to get even better and to provide more content for you guys!

If you have any questions, please let me know by reaching out through an email or any of my social media profiles.