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About Me

Hello, I am
Christian Schou

Hello 👋 My name is Christian. I am a 26-year-old pragmatic software engineer educated in Denmark. I love teaching people about technology and that’s exactly why I created Tech with Christian, Architechtured, and SmartHomeGeek. I have a passion for C#, .NET, Python, PowerShell, and Linux which I am also talking a lot about on my blog and in my videos. I am always up for learning something new and I always think there is room for improvement, hence I am spending a lot of my time reading and testing out new concepts.

Teaching Approach

Almost all my courses are based on real-life projects that will make it easier for you to understand the concepts.

Data Driven

I create my content based on input from clients and what trends I am able to see across my platforms.

In my spare time (when I’m not online) I like to spend time with my lovely girlfriend Nicoline, our dog Kenya, and family and friends. I like to go riding my mountain bike in the forest on some tracks or take the paddleboard to the nearest lake and for a swim.


System Architect
Danish Technological Institute – Aarhus, Denmark

Computer Science
University College Lillebaelt – Odense, Denmark

MSC. Software Engineering

University of Southern Denmark – Odense, Denmark