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I would like to recommend Christian most warmly. Christian has been a very valuable and trusted employee for me. This was despite the fact that he only worked as student assistant and thus not full time. Christian has great technical knowledge and curiosity on many different technologies and understands how to translate this into business values. Besides great professional competence, Christian possesses many positive personal qualities, which makes him well-liked among colleagues for his good mood, service minded attitude, ability to execute and professional credibility. I would no doubt hire Christian again if the opportunity was there

Morten StormERP Manager

Excellent personal service and amazing result! I hired Christian to further develop my website at the technical area. Due to his knowledge I can now be sure that my website is 100% up to date. Christian is always around in case of issues and explanation of questions. You are not in doubt that your website is in safe hands.

Mads ├śland-PetersenManaging Editor

I had a slow WordPress website and not that much of a budget and technical experience. A friend of mine recommended Christian for his great technical skills when it comes to optimization. I am impressed by the result and will never regret i contacted him regarding this issue.

Sofie HermansenLifestyle Blogger

Christian has a great ability to create good relationships and integrate as a part of the team. He has been able to create som fantastic results and got a personality that has been extremely popular among colleagues and customers. He has been good at working independently and has put a huge effort in immersing in the professional work. Apart from the daily research work, has Christian (due to his IT skills) helped the internal IT department and been a coordinator for our IT department in connection with different campaigns, where he also developed IT tools which are very usefull and gives great value for the company.

Kasper Nyeng JordanCommercial Director

A really competent guy, who knows WordPress! Christian helped me in the development of my website. The final result was an amazing website making it easier for my customers to rent equipment. Christian got an ability to translate the technical language into a language that i speak too. Due to this i now got much more insights in how my website is made up. At the same time he moved the website to new servers and optimized the configuration, resulting in a super fast website, which also made our SERP way better! Thank you for a great cooperation

Nicolai HovmandOwner of rental business