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I heard about Christian in a forum and was advised to contact him to optimize my WordPress website. I’m glad I did! Christian made it go from turtle-speed to being like a rocket. He also made a few optimization tasks for all articles making them look better in the search results and optimizing the images to fit better into the articles. Today I can be sure that the website is running perfectly. Thank you, Christian!

MadsFounder of online magazine

Christian got a big technical knowledge and curiosity in many different technology areas and knows how to translate them into business values. In addition to great professional competence, Christian possesses many positive personal qualities, making him well-liked among colleagues and customers for his good mood, service-minded attitude, ability to execute, and professional credibility.

MortenERP Manager

Christian has a pronounced ability to create good relationships and enter into the team. He has managed to create some super good results and has a creature that has been very well-liked among colleagues and customers. Christian has been the coordinator of the IT division ibn. with various campaigns for which he has developed IT tools that are extremely useful and valuable to us.

KasperCommercial Director